Water & Land

Sierra Hot Springs is currently closed, we will be reopening in Spring 2021

The decision to remain closed through the winter season was not undertaken lightly and we truly believe that it is the best option for the long term survival of Sierra Hot Springs. Please read our full statement on our homepage and sign up for our newsletter below to keep in touch with us along the way towards reopening.

We are reaching out to ask for your support. Read our letter to the community here.

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For almost 150 years, this land has hosted popular hot springs resorts. The spring water here is as smooth as silk and the pools are a true experience.

The Temple Dome Area is the main pool area and consists of The Hot Pool (105-110°) which is enclosed in a large geodesic dome, featuring stained glass, skylights and two cold plunges. Outside the dome, the large Warm Pool (98-100°) is complemented by a large sundeck and a Dry Sauna. (The Dry Sauna is closed until further notice.)
Families with children: please see our children’s rules for pool hours on our FAQ page here.

The Meditation Pool (98-100°) is outdoors, surrounded by rock tile. In this faux natural pool, you step down rock steps into a sand bottomed delight. This outdoor hot pool is ideal for enjoying the star studded skies.

The Phoenix Baths (85-90°) are seasonal pools inside private rooms, and the warm spring water is drained and refilled between users. The Phoenix Baths also house our spa area.

Please check our Pool Cleaning Schedule in advance to find out about any pool closures.

Body acceptance is a key component of Sierra Hot Springs, therefore all of our pools are clothing optional.

We have over 700 acres bordering National Forest land, so biking and hiking possibilities abound.  During winter, nearby cross-country skiing is another attraction, and our location is less than one hour from major Tahoe ski resorts.  Sierra Hot Springs is a non-profit organization maintained and operated by a group of resident workers. Our goal is to provide stewardship for this sacred land.

Pool Cleaning Schedule

The Temple Dome Hot Pool: is closed every Wednesday morning between 6 AM and 9 AM for cleaning.

The Temple Dome Warm Pool: may be closed for up to 20 minutes each morning for vacuuming & daily maintenance.

The Meditation Pool: is closed every Thursday between 6 AM and 11 AM for cleaning.

The Phoenix Baths: are cleaned Tuesday between 6 AM and 8 AM.

The Temple Dome Dressing Room: is closed Monday & Friday from 6 AM to 8 AM for cleaning.